Rookie Mistakes to avoid while driving a commercial vehicle

While driving a commercial vehicle, you need to follow safe driving practices. If you are driving recklessly, you are not only putting yourself at risk but also the other individuals who are on the same road. Here we discuss some mistakes to avoid when you are driving a commercial vehicle.

Driving with distractions

Distractions in every activity are bad. But, when we are talking about commercial vehicle driving, these distractions can become highly dangerous. The distractions can include eating while driving, checking your smartphone notifications, or just checking the cell phone.

Driving when you are exhausted

People are well-aware of the dangers associated with driving under the alcohol influence. But, we rarely think about how dangerous it can be to drive when one is sleepy or exhausted. A tired or sleepy driver fails to react to the obstacles on the road efficiently. This increases the chances of an accident. To avoid such situations, it is always better to take a nap before hitting the road.

Not checking the trailer and tractor attachment

Before heading towards the road, you should check the attachment between trailer and tractor. Check that the fifth wheel is engaged with the kingpin. Make sure the electrical and air lines are unhooked while disconnecting the trailer and tractor.

To make sure these errors do not cost you your job, make sure you learn to operate a commercial vehicle from a trusted firm.
CDL Connection is one such firm that offers a comprehensive Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Program for both new and experienced commercial vehicle drivers.

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