Top Tips to prepare for written CDL test

While focusing on the driving test of CDL, a lot of drivers ignore the preparation of the written test. This is a mistake that prevents a lot of them from starting their career in the transportation industry. To ensure you don’t face in this test, we have discussed some preparation tips related to it.

Study Driver’s License Manual

Every state has its CDL manual that consists of all topics that appear in the test. These topics include braking, vehicle inspection, skid control & recovery, railroad crossing, driving emergencies, accident procedures, and several other driving procedures.

Focus on tricky topics

Every applicant finds some topics tricky. You need to practice more on such topics to ensure you don’t face issues during the main test.

Stay calm

Even after proper preparation, various applicants perform poorly just because they get anxious during the test. You need to stay calm after going through the paper. Don’t panic in case you don’t know the answer to some questions. It will interfere with the ability to answer the other questions, too.

Use practice tests

There are various driving schools that help you prepare for written tests through practice papers. We, at CDL Connection, also offer free practice material if you connect with us for truck rentals for CDL test. The practice test help identify your weak areas (a factor we have discussed above).

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